Every bowl created at Rodriguez WoodWorks is hand crafted by Jesus Rodriguez. The process begins with locally found wood harvested from fallen trees and yard maintenance projects. A chain saw cuts the logs to size. Next the green wood is roughly shaped on a lathe and soaked in denatured alcohol to remove most of the water from the wood. It is then put in paper bags for the final drying. Once the wood has dried the bowl is turned into its a final shape on a lathe and completed by applying a food safe finish and a final coating of canuba wax.

Our bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be used as salad bowls, fruit bowls, or simply appreciated as works of art.

Bowl Care

If your bowl is used for salad, simply rinsing in water and towel drying is sufficient. Salad oils naturally feed the inside of the bowl and towel drying prolongs the finish by quickly removing moisture. If your bowl begins to dry out, you can rejuvenate it's finish by applying a layer of walnut, peanut, olive or mineral oils. Do not use vegetable oil.

Spoiled fruit or vegetables should not be allowed to sit in the bowl as they may stain the wood. Failure to periodically oil the bowl can result in water stains which appear as dark stains. Sanding and oiling the bowl will restore the bowl to its original look.

We do not recommend soap washing as repeated use will cause the finish to deteriorate. Do not put bowls in dishwasher. Do not soak in cold or warm water.

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For pricing information, more photos or to view bowls in person, please call or email for an appointment. Bowls are located in Norwalk, CT.